Effective Communities

Over the past 35 years, Christine has worked and served communities. Whether as a member of a Board of Directors, an organization volunteer, appointed or elected official, or frequent presenter for organizations like the Missouri Municipal League (MML), Christine has absorbed and contributed insight and leadership regarding organizational structure, behavior, and success.

The ability to work easily with staff is critical to her success as counsel or consultant to cities, nonprofits, and community purposed organizations. Christine has been a member of city management in various communities throughout her career and has obtained extensive public administration experience along the way-an asset in her work with public purposed organizations.In addition, her years of community service work on various boards and commissions provide her great insight and experience into how to foster and build community.

Effective Communities, Inc. is an affiliated company of Bushyhead Law formed to provide strategic planning and public management focused guidance and support services for cities, towns and villages, nonprofits, and other community focused organizations. Effective Communities provides a fiscally responsible resource to assist with management consulting, community planning services, including economic development, and other public policy development.

In addition, through decades of work in the public sector, we have developed connections with other community focused service providers whose talents and expertise can be made available to the project scopes in partnership with Effective Communities.


Community Services Resume of Christine T. Bushyhead

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